Thanks for visiting. I can't promise you'll find out everything you ever wanted to know about me here, but I can promise an online outlet for my creative side; a place where I share some of my artistic pursuits with the world.

My interest in mechanical sketching married with my love for the automobile long ago. Watching how car manufacturers compete with one another in design and technology trends is a fascinating study to me. Huge leaps and bounds have been made in industrial and transportation design in the last twenty years, and even greater changes still lay ahead with regard to the new energy sources that will end up powering the future of our personal mobility. That said, I still believe design is as relative and important as ever.

One of the indicators of brand identity is how recognizable something is. If you've ever played the guessing game where you have to determine the name of an object with its silhouette as the only clue, then you know the importance of branding. If something can be identified without a name attached to it, I believe the designers and marketing teams have done their job. That's what I aim for when sketching as well, and while derivative design is everywhere these days, it's the little details that help a brand to stand apart.


I've been using AutoCAD and other design software both personally and professionally for over a decade, and maintain a small portfolio for showing off my 3D modeling work on floor plans and various product design ideas and other renderings.

I've been known to dabble in music here and there. I've studied piano and guitar, although much of my time is spent using digital audio workstations for composition and electronic arrangement of video game and dance music. Have a listen to my project galleries below.

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Would you believe that even after all you've seen here, there's still a whole other side of me that can get the job done? I also offer website design services if you happen to like what you see here. Professional inquiries and potential employers interested in evaluating my curriculum vitae can find my work history below, and I can be contacted at the link below that.