A Construct of Passion and Madness | Meet My Inventions

The Invention of Invention: A philosophical guide to the answer of questioning why

Invention has plagued my mind and that of millions of others for many years, definitely more than 10 or so, I mean more that 10 in each of our own lives spanning over many lives and many years in those live which would add up to millions of years if going back hundreds of years and over 10 years in those people lives going way, way back.

Life is fitting, everything that nature has created works or at least seems to, despite the flaws of some species. Invention is the necessity of man, where mother nature failed us, it is for the like of people like me or those starting up investment start-up account online, to fix the problems that face us on a day to day basis, or just on those days when we leave the house and discover that something which is needed is not available because its yet to be invented.

Here are some of the works I have created and all patented so you cannot steal them make your own products and prototypes.

i dedicate these to my inspiration and mentor Alexander Graham Bell.

1. The Folding Scissors

My creation of folding scissor came when realising that such a handy device also comes with great risk. For those using scissors regularly such as arts and crafts people, tailors and gardeners, I wanted to make the tool practically safe and enabling the scissor to literally fold in half, so the point of the metal folded into the handle space.

2. Shower Speaker/Telecom

I wanted to create something that could be used by all, and given a vast majority of people have access to a shower, then I figured a Bluetooth speaker would be ideal to sync your mobile to. the speaker can work as a coms service too, with linked access to the doorbell, and internal home speakers. Meaning you can chat to anyone inside and outside the house. Obviously its 100% waterproof!

3. The Mute Control

I developed a control that mutes the frequencies that can emanate from any object. By lowering or muting the sound frequency, you are able to enjoy complete silence all around you. You can even mute specific frequencies and allowing others to be heard. For example, if your partner is talking about something you have zero interest in, select the pitch and frequency they are projecting and simply tap the mute button.

4. The Predict-o-meter

I like to gamble, and I don’t like losing, so I developed the predict-o-meter to help me playing games in the casino. This unfortunately doesn’t work with online casinos, but everywhere else it is perfect. With the predict-o-meter, you can play card games like poker and blackjack better and games of roulette.

Just type in the first cards dealt from the first 5 games that you have played or the first 5 numbers landing on a roulette wheel, and the predict-o-meter will tell you what to bet on next.

5. The Due-tility Belt

I made this device for pregnant mums because the market never dries up. So, the due-tilitiy belt is both an emergency belt and device for looking after pregnant women that may need help in an emergency labour situation and they are on their own.

The due-tility belt has an alarm button to call for an ambulance, it holds medical tools in case you have to give birth where an hospital is not in reach. Your Due-tility belt will hold cooling pads and also an inflatable cushion for comfort when resting.