Martin Lettvin: Inventor | Development, Design and Construct

My Name is Martin Lettvin and I Invent

Hello and welcome to my new and first blog that is all about me and my creations. I am not too sure what I should be writing in truth, so I shall begin with discussing how I got to this stage in my life, feeling the need to make a blog about me.

Between the time of being born and 12, not much happened, so we can skip that bit out. 13 is an important age in my life because that is when I started to question things and learn a lot about what fascinated me. I would often ask questions to my parents and teachers, not just how a television works, but wanting to understand the actual process of the television. How does a camera in a film studio record images, have these images project through cables and wire, transmit via masts and satellites and end up inside the homes of millions of people? These were the things that fascinated me most than anything else.

During secondary school I was in a position to design and create things for class and homework. Admittedly, it didn’t actually go well. I would come up with creations like having heated jeans for winter, the fifth car wheel that allowed you to do a 360-degree turn, and many others that on reflection served no purpose at all.

After I finished school inventing went on the backburner, I figured the best way to be creative is to experience life and, therefore, I would know want was missing and in need of being created.

As I explored life between the ages of 16 and 20, I learnt many things, mostly that I had wasted my time chasing skirt and finding a fascination with American candy bars. This was the mid-90s by the way.

I am now in my 40s and in the 20 years I have dedicated to my art of inventing I have come up with over 10 different products that I sell on home shopping networks in the USA and several goods that you can acquire from my online store.

These include The Plant Talker. This device talks to your house plants with a monotone Jewish accent and bemoans everything for 24-hours straight.

Then you have a selection of backwards mirrors, designed to show you what you look like from behind whilst faced forward.

Another invention is the Easy-Quil. Put on your bedcovers in less than 45 seconds and perfectly fitted into all four corners of the sheet.

Plus, my biggest seller the Dog-Talker. A device that tells you what your dog is trying to say.

Including voice control so your pet can speck like famous people including actor Michael Cane, Musician Mick Jagger and Dolly Parton and Famous 1990s WWF wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage.

Throughout my blog, you will learn more about these inventions and my work as I share with you my passion and joy in creating and open the doors of future technology that will be found inside your homes before 2050, when I shall most likely be dead by then anyway.